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The Two best Statements You Can Teach Your Children for Better Communication

Do your children struggle to express themselves without hurting another’s feelings? Many children (and adults too!) have a difficult time communicating respectfully. They often place blame on others for “making” them feel a certain way, but can’t express exactly how they are feeling. If you’ve noticed this in your children (or yourself), it is a good opportunity to introduce I-messages and You-messages to your family! The purpose of an I-message is to express how you are feeling and what you need in a respectful way. You-messages are statements given in response to I-messages. They help show the person who gave the I-message that you heard what they said and express how you can help. Even younger children can use this communication tool. Best of all, these statements can be used with your significant others, co-workers, family… any relationship where you may have uncomfortable feelings and want to express them in a respectful way! Please click here to continue reading this article.


Say Spencer, LCSW

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