Worship Every Sunday at 10:00 am
4882 Lavista Road | Tucker, Georgia 30084-4460
office@sapctucker.org | 770-938-2833
Directions to St. Andrews

Are you interested in how to be part of the loving community of St. Andrews?  Hopefully this website can  familiarize you with the church, its mission and programs.  When you visit us for the first time, ask your greeter any questions you have, and if you are interested in learning more about St. Andrews, we have quarterly newcomer classes.

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 How to Join St. Andrews

New members are received by Session, St. Andrews’ governing body, in one of the four ways:

  1. By Profession of Faith in Jesus Christ before Session and then the congregation.      If you were previously baptized, but never made a public profession.
  2. By Profession of Faith in Jesus Christ and Baptism. If you have not been baptized,      you may join by making a public profession of faith before Session and the      congregation and then being baptized in a Sunday morning worship service.
  3. By Reaffirmation of Faith. If you have been a member of a Christian church, but have not been active in      recent years, you may join by re-affirming your need of, and dependence      on, the grace and love of God.
  4. By Certificate of Transfer. If you have made a profession of faith and are a member of another church, you may join by transferring your certificate of membership from the church that you are leaving to join St. Andrews