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Rad day in Mobile Alabama, 06/14/17:
Today, June 14th, the Saint Andrews youth group as well as our new friends from Indiana set off to help clean up the Langan Park. We split up into groups and picked up trash as well as help exterminate an invasive species of snail living in a nearby lake. Preston, Nathan, Marco, Daniel, and Andy won the award for most snails captured. Rachel, Kate, Corinna, Natalia, and Caroline won the award for the craziest find with a picture of a holographic rhino. After that, both the Atlanta and Indiana groups headed to Government Street Presbyterian Church where we enjoyed a lunch consisting of sandwiches, chips, and homemade cookies. Then we said goodbye to our Indiana friends and drove to Feeding the Gulf Coast, a food bank that distributes food to over 20 counties in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. There we checked expiration dates, sorted food, and talked football with the project supervisor, Ron. Next, we returned home to Baytreat where we cleaned and prepared a spaghetti dinner for our guests from L’Arche. After dinner, we joined the L’Arche group for a brief worship service where Rachel led us in song and Andy shared his favorite Bible verse, Deuternomony 30: 19-20. We then moved out to the dock for sunset and many went for a swim, some intentionally, some not. Stay tuned tomorrow for another update from your Saint Andrews youth.
-Kate & Andy

 Cleaning up Langan Park

 Pre-worship with L’Arche

Hospitality in the Community, 06/13/17:

Today was group two’s turn to wake up early and serve breakfast at the Coffee Club. Next, we walked over to the Waterfront Rescue Mission and swept and mopped the floors in the chapel and cafeteria and were treated to cupcakes and pastries.

Meanwhile, group one slept in until 8:00 a.m. and drove over to the Dumas Wesley Community Center; which provides recreational activities for children in the summer and aging adult care year-round. We cleaned up the tether ball court and assisted with yard maintenance.

After lunch, both groups arrived at the Mobile County Training Center to paint the classrooms to beautify the school. The color we used is a lovely neutral to make the classrooms appear more up-to-date and appealing to the eye.

Our dinner was a delicious taco bar at Baytreat. After dinner, there was another active basketball game, swimming in the bay, and watching the sunset. This was followed by devotion and prayer. Now off to bed to prepare for another day of service.

-Daniel & Natalia



A Tour of Mobile, 06/12/17:

Group one, which included Bariture, woke up at 5:30 AM to serve breakfast to the homeless community of Mobile at the Coffee Club at Government Street Presbyterian Church. Afterward, they walked to Waterfront Rescue Mission where they were given a tour of the facilities and helped in a clean up of their loading dock.

Group two, which included Caroline, went to L’Arche. L’Arche is group housing shared between adults with developmental disabilities (core members) and team member volunteers. There they assisted in weeding and trimming the yard around the home. Then they were able to spend time talking to and playing games with the members of L’Arche.

After lunch, both groups met up and went on a “pilgrimage” through downtown Mobile. It was a three hour long walking tour that showed what people without homes go through every day.

During our free time, Nathan caught two fish (it might’ve been the same fish) and the rest of the boys played basketball. Kate, Rachel, and Caroline wrote some songs and Corinna read and napped.

Check back in tomorrow to hear about our newest adventures here in Mobile, Alabama!

-Bariture & Caroline

Hello from Mobile, Alabama!

We arrived at 5 p.m. yesterday safe and sound. After unpacking, we had dinner and devotion. This morning we met our cabin mates from Indiana. We headed into the city to attend worship service at Government Street Presbyterian Church as their special guests and I introduced our group to the congregation. Afterward, we came back to Baytreat, some group members cooked broccoli penne for our lunch, and then we had a free afternoon for fellowship. For dinner, the GSPC men’s Bible study group served us delicious BBQ. After our guests departed, the boys played basketball and the girls formed a band. Before bed, we studied 1 Peter 4-8, performed the Examination prayer, and learned about our service assignments for tomorrow at GSPC Coffee Club, L’Arche, and Pilgrimage. Check back tomorrow for another update.